Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimiento

Manzanilla olives known for their rich flavor and firm texture are the most widely grown variety in the world. Stuffed with the slightly sweet Pimiento pepper, the versatile classic is now packaged in a convenient resealable bag, perfect for healthy snacks, picnics, tailgating or on pizza and pasta dishes.

FLAVOR: The rich flavor and firm texture  stuffed with slightly sweet Pimiento pepper

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Product of Spain.

HEALTH BENEFITS:  Olives are sugar free, cholesterol free, trans fat free, low carbohydrate and gluten free. Olives contain omega 9 monounsaturated fat and are a good source of antioxidants including vitamin E.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years unopened, 1 month after opening when refrigerated.