Special Reserve

SpecialReserveOliveOilsOur commitment to craftsmanship and innovation extends from the fruit to the bottle.  STAR offers a unique selection of Special Reserve olive oils.  The Olives are carefully picked, washed and pressed into the richest and most aromatic olive oils possible.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is elevated to the maximum quality in all senses, both in cultivation and in the careful preparation, a gourmet delight for the most demanding of palates.  Organic certification by USDA accredited agency ensures careful handling and production from start to finish.

Extra Virgin with Omega-3 DHA  combines the robust flavor of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the heart healthy Omega 3 DHA for our health conscious customers.  Derived from a sustainable and vegetarian source of DHA, 2 servings provides 25% of the daily recommended value (200mg) of DHA Omega 3.  Use the same way you use any other STAR Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Garlic Flavored Olive Oil is made from Extra Virgin Olive oil and a rich roasted garlic flavor.  A superb combination of two favorites, the smooth and fruity olive taste and the richness of roasted garlic flavor adds an extra dimension .